Cancellation Policy and Restrictions

If flights are cancelled by Fly Denali and you are unable to reschedule, your payments will be returned.
If you cancel your flight, the following fees apply:

More than 72 hours in advance: $25.00 per credit card cancellation.
With less than 72 hours notice, the tour is non-refundable.

Due to FAA regulation and limited space on the aircraft, strollers, car seats, heavy camera equipment etc., and suitcases and small bags of any kind are not permitted on the aircraft. Wallets, cell phones, cameras, and any items that can fit in pockets are fine. Some small purses may be permitted per office manager or pilot's discretion. Your belongings are welcome to stay behind safe and secure in our office, though! 

Your safety is our primary concern, so all flights and routes are weather-dependent.

To request a reservation, please call or email us for availability first!

Before you book:  We process all transactions in the office once we receive a payment confirmation through the internet. Your confirmation will come within 24 hours. If you use a coupon code, the price difference will not show up right away, but don't worry! We will see the code on the payment confirmation and make sure you are charged the discounted price. Feel free to call or email us with inquiries on discounted pricing!

Have a Question about a flight? Please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you asap!

Thank you!

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